CM 210R -  Ministry in its Cultural Context

Welcome to CM 210R

An introduction to the theology, purposes, challenges, and scope of various types of ministries in their current cultural context. A particular emphasis is given to understanding philosophical and theological pluralism. Prerequisites: BI 110 and BI 120.

Three hours.

CM 210R Textbook

This class is an examination of both descriptive and inferential statistics. Specific topics include the scientific method, data analysis and production, measures of central tendency and variability, correlation and regression, random sampling and probability, two-way tables and chi-square, and parametric inferential tests including one-way analysis of variance.

This basic course is open to all students who wish to master the important concepts, techniques and their application without an extensive knowledge of higher mathematics. Only a rudimentary knowledge of algebra is required. The course has an individualized or team computer laboratory component involving experience with SPSS. The course counts toward the mathematics distributive general education requirement at Trinity International University.

CIS 230R -  Applied Computer Technology

Welcome to CIS 230R

Concerns the logic and reasoning necessary to make effective use of digital technology. Students will learn many of the issues and questions that must be addressed to make the best use of common computer applications such as communications, spreadsheets, word processing, databases, multimedia, and emerging web 2.0 applications. Three hours.


Intensive practice in academic writing, with emphasis on the writing process leading to writing effective arguments. Students will enhance skills in idea development and in the effective organization and expression of ideas. A major
paper including research and documentation of sources is required. Grammar and usage may be included as needed.

Three hours.