This course is taught in a workshop format. The purpose, expectations and methodology of preparing for the comprehensive exam, dissertation proposal and dissertation writing will be addressed. The course will include class instruction, reading of exemplary field statements and proposals, and active participation in the various oral hearings.

A study of some of the major missiological paradigms throughout the history of the global expansion of the church, with special emphasis on the modern Protestant missionary movement. Writings of mission theorists and missiologists will be examined for their contribution to our understanding of contemporary missiology. Both continuity from Christian mission from biblical and apostolic times and diversity according to historical circumstance are stressed. 

A doctoral seminar focusing on the theology of mission in the Old and New Testaments with special attention to the operation of the Trinity, the missio Dei, the purpose and tasks of mission, church and mission, the nature and necessity of evangelism, historical developments in theology of mission, and current theological issues in Christian mission. Four credit hours