A three-course rotation examining vernacular, primary, secondary, and tertiary theological education in the context of Africa, Asia, and North America broadly defined. Emphasis is placed on the similarities and contextual uniqueness of theological education in both majority and non-majority worlds. Presentations by international guest practitioners. May be repeated. Offered on a three-year rotation. One or two hours. (Catalog 2015-16)

Further note: The Spring 2017 class will focus on theological education in Africa and the Latin Americas. (Spring 2018 on Asia; Spring 2019 on North America, etc.). Participants can expect to gain insights into the history and development of theological education on the continents including Bible institutes/colleges and TEE. These will be examined in order to provide a foundation for the present and anticipated future state of theological education in Africa and the Latin Americas. Regardless of participants anticipated future theological education geographic assignment, this course will inform and provide a context for global theological education.

Course Description: How do the many and varied educational ministries of the church engage God’s people in growth towards maturity in Christ?  This course briefly explores the central issues involved, including Biblical and theological foundations of educational ministry, discipleship, teaching and learning, curriculum development, administration, and team building.  Specific applications will be made to a variety of ministries, including children’s, youth, adult, intergenerational, senior adult, and small groups.  Two hours.

Course Description

This course will help church leaders develop and build community life in the church. We are called to do life and ministry in community, so we must teach it faithfully, model it personally and build it organizationally.