The seminar will explore the theory and practice of Intergenerational Ministry (IGM) in the church. Attention will be given to generational learning; learning and worship engaging the entire faith community; and service across the generations.


EM 5210 will consider the nature and responsibilities of leadership for church and Christian ministry organizations. Case studies will be used to assist participants in applying leadership theory to practice. Two or three hours. (Catalog)



Educational Ministries and Leadership explores the equipping of educational and other church leaders through teaching and learning, curriculum development, discipleship, and team building as well as generational and intergenerational ministries with children, youth, emerging adults, adults, and aging adults. The course will help ministry leaders understand and function in their role as practitioners leading God's people toward maturity in Christ. Participants will gain core educational and leadership competencies informed by biblical theology, a sound understanding of the human person, context, and theory. Three hours.

Course Description

This course will help church leaders develop and build community life in the church. We are called to do life and ministry in community, so we must teach it faithfully, model it personally and build it organizationally.