A capstone course for the majors focusing on current issues and problems relating to ethics within the profession. Applications of theory, with practice, will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Senior standing. One hour.

Course designed to provide professional observation and experience in the area of Sport and Wellness Management. Assignments, project management opportunities, and skill applications are performed with dual guidance, supervision and evaluation of practicing on-site professional and a Human Performance and Wellness faculty member. Assignments, reports and presentations are required at weekly meetings. The course may be taken three times with different assignments. First assignment is a required human performance laboratory practicum. Completion of this course with a “B” or better is required to pursue the internship route. Open to Sport & Wellness Management majors or by consent of instructor. Prerequisites: HPW 180, HPW 190, HPW 201X or 204, current Community First Aid and CPR certification (or acceptable equivalent), and departmental approval.