This is a general education course designed especially for non-science majors.  Students will be introduced to the basic concepts associated with various areas of physical science including geology, astronomy, and meteorology. Students will study the theoretical and empirical evidences that support our current  understanding of God's physical world. There is no laboratory associated with this course. Offered each semester.

Three hours

Course Description:

This is a basic course in the concepts of geology, meteorology, oceanography and astronomy.  Keep in mind that this is a survey course; we will be covering many square miles of Earth and space in a very short time (everything you ever wanted to know about the universe in 14 weeks). 



The goal of this class is to help you understand some of the principles of the Earth’s systems, related vocabulary and applications of so that you can

  • develop an awareness and appreciation for some of the Earth systems’ interrelationships,
  • understand the relationships between earth science and other fields of science,
  • understand issues related to the environment that are presented in the media,
  • as a voter and consumer make informed decisions about our environment,
  • understand how the Earth became what it is now, and how it is currently changing.